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In caring for your valuable pieces from the House of Busatti it is important to remember that the fabrics are woven with 100% natural fibres and natural dyes.

Over time, the textures and colours will soften and the cream coloured linen will eventually become white. This is the design and beauty of the fabrics. As they wear they will soften and develop a beautiful patina with age.

In the first wash the fabrics will shrink approx 5% as the fibers thicken and tighten in the weave. This will result in a beautiful softness and absorbency for the life of the piece.

Please follow the care symbols on the inseam label. To preserve the brilliance of the colours as well as the texture we recommend: Always use a warm wash (30-40 degrees Celsius) in your washing machine.

We recommend using a mild liquid soap which is more delicate on fabrics than powder. Wash the pieces gently and separately and do not leave them in the washing machine once the cycle has finished.

We recommend you do not fully spin-dry. 

Do not use softener. 

Line dry the pieces without overlapping colours, and do not tumble dry. 
If the dryer is used, take the pieces out before they are completely dry, fold and air. 

Do not leave pieces to hang for too long in the sunshine, this will hasten wear. 

If the label states that the piece should not be washed with water, have it dry cleaned by a professional centre. 

The Busatti fabrics are woven on old jacquard looms from the time of the industrial revolution. Slight irregularities in the weaving pattern cannot be avoided.

A piece from the House of Busatti can last for generations with the proper care.

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