Busatti is an eight generation Italian artisan fabric house weaving linen and cotton in Anghiari, Tuscany since 1842.

Every production phase is carried out in Italy with extraordinary care from the dying, spinning and weaving of the fabrics to each hand finished piece made in the historical Busatti workshop. Raw threads are treated with olive oil before being spun and custom dyed before weaving. Shuttle looms slowly insert weft-threads giving a sheen and softness to the fabrics that is so often lost today. Artisans exercise their craft with pride, skill and passion passed down through centuries of experience.

Design inspiration is drawn from the rich Busatti archives and developed with some of the world's leading creative contemporaries to delivery an ever current, always timeless collection which reflects the essence of the brand.

Kate Nixon brought beautiful Busatti to Australia in 2007 after discovering the artisan fabric workroom whilst travelling in Tuscany. "A commitment to excellence and authenticity guides these eight generation craftsmen," she shares. "It is inspirational to bring a product so rich in provenance to the Australian market in a fresh and relevant way."