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COMPOSITION:  60% Linen 40% Cotton

WIDTH:  280cm   

PATTERN REPEAT: H 16cm - V 20cm

COLOUR: 111/25 Greige/Dark Sand



2/25 Greige/Cherry, 2/25Reverse Cherry/Greige, 8/25 Greige/Apple Green, 8/25Reverse Apple Green/Greige, 12/25 Greige/Mustard, 12/25Reverse Mustard/Greige, 23/25 Greige/Terracotta, 23/25Reverse Terracotta/Greige, 38/25 Greige/Pale Pink, 38/25Reverse Pale Pink/Greige, 111/25 Greige/Dark Sand, 111/25Reverse Dark Sand/Greige, 128/25 Greige/Donkey Grey, 128/25Reverse Donkey Grey/Greige, 135/25 Greige/Guado Blue, 135/25Reverse Guado Blue/Greige


Made in Italy.


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